Prue Leith’s signature dish …. Muscovado Heaven (with canned peaches…double yum)!


On my way to Jane’s I was so pleased to spot one of three original 1930 Bedford buses that still operate on the island.

We’re celebrating my son’s birthday this evening and for dessert I made Prue Leith’s signature dish known as Muscovado Heaven. It is gluten free and so quick and easy to make. It is one of those desserts that looks like you have gone to a bit of trouble. You can leave them plain or add any type of fruit and you must also make them the day before you need them to leave them in the fridge overnight. This dessert will only work with muscovado sugar. A mere sprinkle of the sugar melts into a fudgy syrup as it absorbs the liquid in the dessert and hits a cold temperature. I went through a phase using Greek yoghurt but ordinary yoghurt also works and it is a fraction of the price. The combination takes you to heaven ….literally, hence the name …. Close your eyes and dream…

You will need :

Equal amounts of double cream and yoghurt
For 6 persons I used 500 ml of cream and 500ml of plain yoghurt
1 large can peaches
150g muscovado sugar

Place the drained peaches at the bottom of the glasses.

Whip the double cream and fold in the yoghurt. Pipe or spoon the yoghurt mixture into the glasses.


Sprinkle the muscovado sugar on to the surface.


Leave in the fridge overnight….


The sugar will melt into a fudgy syrup, the combination is heaven….


9 thoughts on “Prue Leith’s signature dish …. Muscovado Heaven (with canned peaches…double yum)!

From the heart of the Mediterranean.... Thank you !

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