Simshar and Rebecca’s Preserved Tomatillos …

This week’s paper


On the island this week we see the release of the first full-length feature film for an international audience, a story based on a recent tragedy within the fishing community. A second storyline highlights the ongoing immigration challenges that face an island already so densely populated.

It shows everyday life here. The Mediterranean sea on film leaves me in awe, totally mesmerized even though I see it from my window as soon as I awake each morning. These two pictures are screenshots from the film.

And as most of you today will be celebrating Cinco de Mayo, it occurs to me as I write this how many similarities exist between the life we breathe daily on this island and my experiences in Mexico…. the heat, the fiestas, village celebrations and strong family ties, the religion and of course the parallels in history, the French invasions and commemorating freedom from conquerers and rulers….

I got to know Rebecca professionally over the last few months. She is a pioneer, unafraid to reach for what may have seemed unattainable to others. The film took her 6 years to put together and it was shot in 29 days. I like her and admire her unique mindset.

She shared with me one of her mum’s favorite recipes for Preserved Green Tomatoes and for you, here it is in two languages as is her film:

From Saturday’s Independent


and today’s paper!


Wherever you may live and whatever your taste in film, if you follow my blog, you must watch Simshar and I will be waiting to hear what you think !

And I will leave you with a clip from the film.



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From the heart of the Mediterranean.... Thank you !

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