Frozen Low Fat Yoghurt with Loacker Slices


We are at the best of a Mediterranean summer, hot blistering sun at noon and I love every minute of that swealtering heat. I am aware of the heat but never feel hot. During the mild winters here I yearn for these months and need this heat to function well.

An afternooon of making ice creams and frozen yoghurts last week resulted in this summerโ€™s favorite treat of homemade frozen yoghurt. And don’t start to dream of churners and ice cream machines because this is the easiest dessert you will come across and it is such a welcome summer treat. No additives, no emulsifiers or chemical enhancements that you get in many shop-bought versions.

You will need:

A pot of your favorite yoghurt, I use local plain
A disposable piping bag with no nozzle
Some pretty glasses
I use Loacker coconut wafers

Add anything you wish to your youghurt. Last week we tried some with chocolate flakes, pureed strawberries, and crushed hazel nuts. The ones I made today are with plain low fat yoghurt. I left them completely plain today I wanted to show you how simple and effective this is.

If you like to sweeten your yoghurt, you may wish to try Stevia or simple honey.

Place your yoghurt in the freezer. All freezers are different and you need to have it at the stage where it is frozen but has not solidifed. This recipe will not work if you defrost the yoghurt. As soon as it reachest that stage just before solidification, prepare your glasses and piping bag plus any garnish that you are going to use.

With the Loacker wafers I have used a sharp knife and cut them in thin slices.

Fill the piping bag with the yoghurt mixture. Cut the tip making sure that the opening is small. Pipe the yoghurt into the glasses and decorate with the wafers. Serve immediately.

Everyone who has tasted this loves it. A pot of yoghurt produced 2 portions. Such a lovely snack and a great way to end a summer meal.



12 thoughts on “Frozen Low Fat Yoghurt with Loacker Slices

From the heart of the Mediterranean.... Thank you !

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