A marmalade of Seville orange and hyssop …

I am reblogging this post for the viewers of our live tv show on ONE going on air shortly as we will be speaking about hyssop !

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Hyssop is growing in the garden and there is a lot of it. With a strong aromatic minty and bitter flavor, it is quite an unusual herb these days. But it has been around for a very long time and made its mark in the Old Testament when Moses ordered the Elders to mark their doorknobs with hyssop dipped in lamb’s blood. And we see it appear in Shakespeare’s Othello and The Last Days of Pompeii with guests washing their hands in hyssop and water after a decadent feast. Hyssop is associated with cleansing and priests mixed Hyssop with holy water before blessing the congregation. It has medicinal properties as it grows the same mould as penicillin and the English Botonist John Ray recorded a man completely cured from open wounds when hyssop was applied after he was kicked by a horse and badly injured.

It grows prolifically here so…

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3 thoughts on “A marmalade of Seville orange and hyssop …

From the heart of the Mediterranean.... Thank you !

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