Pumpkin Tiramisu is my healthier #recipeoftheday

pumpkin tiramisu

Coconut Sugar is available from Dical House [Photos: Illumina Media]

I avoid preparing food that contains raw eggs and this dessert is influenced by Tiramisu with the addition of pumpkin. I like to make it in individual portions and the earthy flavor of natural dark coconut sugar complements the flavors of this dish.

Source: Recipe: Pumpkin Tiramisu

#recipeoftheday Chicken Cacciatore

chicken cacciatore 2

I served my chicken cacciatore with tagliatelle topped with salsa verde, photography Felix Cesare

‘You will find my recipe for this classic Italian braised chicken dish on timesofmalta.com.   Add a touch of Rinatura Apple Vinegar and prepare this dish the day before as the flavors improve and it makes it worth rushing home to after a day’s work….

Source: Recipe: Chicken Cacciatore